Trending show on Netflix,”iCarly” brings back nostalgic feelings

The new arrival of "iCarly" on Netflix has brought back memories of random dancing and weird socks to college students. Courtesy photo

By Mallory Harris | Staff Writer

Ending their run in 2012 with six seasons and multiple Primetime Emmy nominations, “iCarly” turned the last page on the journeys of Carly, Sam and Freddie. Recently, the first two seasons have been added to Netflix and have been a constant on their top ten list. Not only bringing back nostalgic memories for students who are re-watching the show, but it has also sparked many new memes and jokes throughout social media.

With the show focusing on Carly, Sam and Freddie’s web show, streaming random things most people would deem as uncool, gross, or just plain weird, the plot also tackles big stages of life these teenagers go through: dating, high school, jobs, friendship and more.

As the first two seasons on Netflix bring the show back into the limelight, there has also been talk of a reboot being done and streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

Pleasanton, Calif. freshman Lexi Whitney shared how she loved the show as a kid which sparked her interest in re-watching it today. From first watching the show around the fourth or fifth grade, Whitney said it’s more random and funnier than she remembers now that she understands more of the mature jokes. Whitney also said how she typically catches an episode with her friends during the weekend or late at night, when they have more free time.

“All of us have been thinking, ‘Wow, I don’t remember how random this show is and how funny it is,’ like there are just little moments in the show where we’re like, ‘What did he just say?’ or, ‘What just happened?’ and we just die laughing,” Whitney said.

Colorado Springs, Colo. junior Logan Rainey said she started the new habit during snow week when there was not much else to do. With classes back in full force, Rainey explained how she’s been watching less but still finds herself laughing at new jokes. Now that she’s finished the two seasons, Rainey shared how the TV show itself is funny while the web show “iCarly” was weirder than anything else.

“[My roommates and I] were just referencing it all the time and it was bringing back a lot of old jokes that maybe like I would have with my sister or they had with some of their friends,” Rainey said. “We also never realized that we are all in love with Spencer, which is just really fun.”

Both Whitney and Rainey said how they watched the show with their roommates and noticed afterward how much nostalgia they felt. Rainey said she absolutely felt the same sappiness that she did in the fourth or fifth grade.

“I used to watch ‘iCarly’ with my sister when we would be waiting for my mom to cook dinner, and so it’s definitely weird watching it now while I’m cooking my own dinner,” Rainey said.

In comparison to other shows on the Nickelodeon network, Whitney and Rainey both said “iCarly” is at the top when it comes to comedy. On track to continue gaining popularity and appealing to a new generation, “iCarly” has some big plans coming up.

As the show remains iconic for spaghetti tacos and butter socks, Carly, Sam and Freddie reminded the world a new way of being unapologetically yourself.