Baptist beliefs will not be canceled

By April Oddo | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

Being a university proclaiming faith in Jesus Christ comes with expectations.

The Baylor statement of common faith says, “We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired authority for life and faith.”

An unapologetically Christian university that claims to hold the Bible as authority in life and faith should be expected to follow biblical truths. In no way is it oppressive to stand as a private institution and cling to ideologies that are different than what’s most popular. It’s valuable to maintain a Christian culture on the campus of a Christian school, and it’s actually why many students chose Baylor: to be educated by an academic establishment that provides them with the opportunity to exercise the same religious practices as those around them.

With the intentions to still welcome all faith backgrounds and provide inclusion for all diverse opinions, Baylor should still in no way feel pressured to chip away at the biblical foundations it has upheld since the school’s establishment. Rather than “canceling” all conservative ideas or “canceling” progressive ideas, why doesn’t the student body and Baylor faculty aim to approach opposition and conflict with humility and grace?

Ultimately, prioritizing diversity while still maintaining one administrative view comes with challenges. There’s a common divide and generalized understanding of what it looks like to be a Baptist school. Baylor should redirect its thoughts and motives by asking this simple question. Without apologizing for our beliefs and by still holding ourselves accountable to living in accordance with the Word of God, how can we best serve our student body and hear their needs? As for students, expressing your concerns and struggles is necessary when partaking in fellowship and community; however, communication must be done efficiently and respectfully, especially when approaching those in positions of leadership.

Let’s work on how we can overcome tensions on campus, not for selfish gain, but for the betterment of our school.