Rewatching TV shows brings new appreciation, perspective

By Matti Pennington | Reporter

Rewatching television series is not a waste of time.

When I was a freshman in high school, I fell in love with “One Tree Hill,” and I am currently rewatching it for the third time. I am not the same person I was when I was a freshman in high school, so every time I watch an episode, I learn new life lessons, connect to a different character and develop a better understanding of the plot.

Highschool freshman Matti connected to the character of Peyton Sawyer in seasons one to four. She was rebellious, stood up for what she believed in and poured her heart into her art and music.

College junior Matti connects to seasons six to eight’s Brooke Davis. She is navigating how to have both a healthy work and personal life.

Similar to how the characters in “One Tree Hill” have grown up throughout the seasons, I too have grown and changed. I watch the series now with completely different eyes.

I have never been the type to give 100% of my attention to what I am watching on the television. For the most part, I always have my TV playing shows for background noise while I get ready, do homework or just chill on my phone. Because I do this, I often miss things.

“One Tree Hill” has nine seasons, and at this point, I have seen each episode two or more times. Every episode I rewatch, I notice something that I had missed in previous times or something I had completely forgotten about.

I often catch myself rewatching series when I can’t find a new one that interests me. Why would I want to stick out watching a new series that I do not enjoy, when I know I would be so happy watching “One Tree Hill?”

“One Tree Hill” is my favorite series. No one wants their favorite series to end, but no series can run forever. No matter how many times you have watched a series, if you watch a show and still enjoy it, how could it be a waste of time?