Cats have been, always will be, better than dogs

By Emily Cousins | Staff Writer

The greatest philosophers have never been able to answer the age-old questions: Cats or dogs? I’m here to tell you why your answer should always be cats.


Cats are very responsible. They clean themselves and keep their business in a specific spot and only stray away when they are sick. Their favorite thing to do is nap, and a close second is watching their owners do their business.

They also require no extra spending on toys. Of course, I like to spoil my cat with fun toys, but they are extremely happy with a cardboard box, a straw wrapper and a rubber band. Cats are also good at entertaining themselves. They can play on their own, and sometimes cats will invite their owners into their space.

Cats are not needy. They enjoy being pet and hanging out with their owners, but they value alone time. Perfect for fellow introverts.

High-maintenance, in a low-maintenance way

Cats like to be pet, but only up to a certain point, depending on the cat. You have to get to know your cat and build trust. Once you have it, you earn a loyal fluff ball for life.

Cats get used to a certain food, so if you ever decide to change up their food, your cat will notice and probably look at you with disdain.

Their place of business must be well-kept if you want them to stick to their designated bathroom, but that’s just good sense.


All cats are strange. They have unique personalities with specific likes and dislikes. You get the honor of being in their presence, and they will grace you with their quirks.

For example: my cat, Roxy, likes to do laps around my room at 2:00 a.m. She runs from my bathroom, to my desk, to the window sill, under my bed and back around. She’s just trying to keep it tight.

Roxy also likes to talk to her toys, especially her pink raccoon. Her meows sound like she’s trapped, but she’s just carrying around her toy, and no, she does not want guests to join her conversation.

The strangest thing Roxy hates is hands. Hands are her enemy. However, if she is laying down, she wants you to pet her with your foot.

Big stretch

All cat owners know that the best thing about a cat is when they stretch out after a nap, and you get to say, “Woah, big stretch!”

This is the perfect opportunity to pet your cat’s fluffy belly. You might get attacked shortly after, but it’s worth it.

Counterargument for dogs, I guess

Some people say cats are mean and dogs are better because they are always friendly, but have you ever met a nice poodle? Or chihuahua? Not me.

Dogs are really too friendly. They get up in your business and try to lick you without asking.

Dogs also require way more care than cats. You have to walk them and take them outside multiple times a day so they can take care of business.

As a college student, it’s much easier to take care of a cat. Cats will be happy with any space, but dogs can be unhappy in an apartment, which is where most of us are living if we have pets.

In conclusion

Cats are easy to take care of and extremely loyal and affectionate to their owners. They are fluffy, soft and funny. They love to see you after a long day away and will rub against your leg. What more could you want?