Prefontaine invites Waco to participate in the world of fashion

Styles available at Prefontaine. Christina Cannady | Photographer Photo credit: Christina Cannady

By Avery Owens | Staff Writer

A clothing boutique located on Lake Air Drive, offers luxury clothing to the city of Waco.

Prefontaine is a contemporary designer store that has been servicing high-end fashion since 2004. The boutique is owned by Dallas native, Revekah Echols.

“We really focus on bringing luxury to every day,” Echols said.

Friendswood senior Sydney Skeeter, an apparel merchandising major, interned at Prefontaine this past summer.

“The mission of the store is to bring contemporary womenswear clothing to Waco,” Skeeter said. “Prefontaine shop is a simply but beautifully curated store that cares about its customers.”

The shop mostly services a middle-aged woman demographic; however, they do see Baylor students occasionally.

“We see [Baylor students] from time to time,” Echols said. “When it’s a pair of designer jeans or just really casual sweatshirts, t-shirts and that kind of thing, we definitely service the Baylor community.”

Echols said the number one priority for the shop is its customers.

“We have customers now who have really been shopping for 17 years. It’s a real privilege to watch people’s kids grow up, to outfit people for special occasions [and] participate in all of life with them on the periphery,” Echols said.

Courtney Hudson, store manager said she emphasizes the importance of the shop’s customers.

“I love the different customers,” Hudson said. “They are shopping at a higher price point, but they are so relatable. We want [the customers] to come in and feel like … we are focused on them and it’s all about them. We want to help them find what they are looking for.”

Echols said one of the main goals of the shop is to include the small city of Waco in the big world of fashion.

“Being outside of a big city does not preclude one from being sophisticated and worldly. In fact, being outside of a city may promote greater enthusiasm for fashion because it’s not saturated,” Echols said. “Fashion is becoming a little bit more harmonized. Someone in Hewitt you know has the ability to exercise their style and dollars as well as someone who is living in Chicago.”