Student Spotlight: Lauren Ainsley Lovelies incorporates faith into crafting

What began as a passion for sharing her faith through crafting, grew into a full-time job for Flower Mound freshman, Lauren Leath. Courtesy photo

By Avery Owens | Reporter

Flower Mound freshman Lauren Leath entered the small business scene after discovering a passion for spreading her faith through crafting.

Leath recently switched her major from sociology to entrepreneurship because of her transition into her new business, Lauren Ainsley Lovelies. A lover of crafts, Leath’s business sells what she calls “knickknacks.” From jewelry to rearview mirror flower bouquets to bucket hats, Leath’s creativity fuels her company.

“It started as a fun thing to do in my past time then, it grew into basically a full-time job,” said Leath.

Her friends encouraged her to make an Instagram for her crafts in the spring of 2020. Less than a year later, her account @laurenainsleylovelies has over 2,800 followers on Instagram.

Lauren Ainsley Lovelies is popular for selling unique earrings including a sorority inspired collection as well as custom embroidery, stickers, buttons and more.

“I actually had a friend who I knew that was going to Baylor who lived in Spring, Texas, DM me. She asked, ‘Can I buy something from you?’ And I was like ‘Oh, I guess,’” said Leath. “I had never shipped before. I was planning on just selling to family and friends the little stuff that I made.”

After her first long-distance customer, her sales began to pick up momentum.

“After that, it kind of grew from there. She told her friends about it, so then it just kept expanding,” said Leath.

From the start, Leath said she wanted her business to have a purpose.

“I grew up in the church and I’ve basically always been a Christian,” Leath said. “It was going into high school that I really made my faith my own. I came to the realization I’m here for a reason, I want to spread the Word and share God’s love in whatever capacity He allows me to.”

Prosper freshman Maddie Pratt, Leath’s roommate, attests to her drive.

“She’s a very intentional friend, meeting you where you are and also trying to serve you where you’re at,” said Pratt. “I’ve seen that as a roommate, but also through her business. [She is] definitely trying to make everyone feel like there is something for them.”

The name of her business, Lauren Ainsley Lovelies, is inspired by a verse from the Bible.

“I was talking to my mom about it and we were looking through verses,” Leath said. “We found Philippians 4:8, which is ‘Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, think about such things.’”

A friend from her hometown, Abby Barber, also testifies to Leath’s mission.

“She’s just so intentional,” said Barber. “She brings her intentionality from her friendships, over to her business.”

Leath has big plans for the future of Lauren Ainsley Lovelies, as her business nears its first anniversary in the spring.

“I really hope to expand, whether that just means more people, bigger ideas or new products,” Leath said. “I would love to continue doing what I’m doing in whatever capacity that looks like.”