Prove me wrong: Tacos are better than burgers

By Mallory Harris | Staff Writer

The debate between Whataburger vs. In-N-Out Burger and Blue Bell vs. Ben & Jerry’s are long time controversies that never seem to die. But the one controversy that never gets talked about enough is tacos vs. burgers. While pitting two classics against each other, I feel as though you can tell a lot about a person depending on which side they take. Judge me if you want, but I’m a taco person.

You know that moment when you’re hungry but don’t quite have a craving for something in particular? For me, my go-to meal is always tacos. ALWAYS.

I realized this over break, and said to my mom, “You know how people in New York get pizza when they’re hungry late at night? Well for me, it’s tacos. I think I’m a taco person.” Baffled by my strange thought process, she went along with it.

As I thought more about this new label I gave myself, I noticed that I also had a strong love for burgers, but when comparing the two, I immediately recognized the unique flavors in tacos that could never come out of burgers.

Breaking down the variety seen in tacos, they can be seen during the breakfast, lunch and dinner rush every day. There’s beef, chicken, shrimp, fish, chorizo, bean and so many other proteins to choose from for just one taco. Also, the one thing that makes tacos stand out against burgers above all else, is the salsa.

However, I’m not ignorant to the diverse selection that can be put on a burger, such as egg, queso, pickles, fries/onion rings, but I have to ask, who wants to eat a half-pound patty at 9:00 am?

While I’m very passionate about this topic, the people of Delaware also host their own burger and taco festivals. In 2017, the two festivals coincidentally took place on the same day, highlighting this debate. As they are both annual events, they each draw their own crowd upwards of 500 people.

Different chefs from around the state come to these festivals to show off their unique creations that then make choosing a side very difficult. Although being only a quick jog from one to the other, there is a great need for discussion over this heated topic.

Also, in the ring on this debate is Eater, a website that discusses anything food and lifestyle from around the nation. One of their writers, Nick Solares, has a theory that the taco will ultimately overrun the burger.

Between what consumers are wanting and popular new trends, Solares sees how the different flavors between multiple tacos can become more appealing than the one flavor throughout one burger during one meal. Talking with “taco evangelist,” Alex Stupak, who agrees with Solares, they try a taco that includes a burger patty. In their review it shows how the burger can be made into a taco, but a taco could not be turned into a burger.

Talk amongst your friends, try out new flavors and see where you might fall in the conversation. Burgers have had their time in the sun for many, many years, and it’s time for the taco to reign supreme with all its toppings.