Column: Out with The Office, in with stand-up comedy

With many popular shows like The Office disappearing from the popular streaming service, Netflix has released a flurry of their own comedy specials. Cole Tompkins | Photographer

By Mallory Harris | Staff Writer

Well, it finally happened. The Office has been swiped from Netflix and young college students are in grief. However, there are many other titles on Netflix that can provide the same comedic relief everyone is looking for in life. Personally, I’ve found solitude in stand-up comedy specials.

Though I’ve never been to a live comedy show, from what I’ve watched, it’s now on my bucket list. Not only are these comedians sharing jokes about their personal lives, but they are also providing a light that says, “it could be worse.” In my honest opinion, the best part about these specials is that there’s nothing to “catch up” on. Each show has something unique brought to them, either by the comedian or the audience, that makes the show distinct every time.

There are some big-name comedians and others that are still putting their name out into the world, but below is a list that holds my top five stand-up shows on Netflix, in no particular order.

1. Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy (2020) – From having his own thrill-seeking television series to being a comedian, Kreischer is not afraid of the spotlight. In his latest special, Kreischer shares stories about his family, being a father and how he’s changing with the world around him. I watched this with my family in the living room and we all ended up crying and laughing at the same time, having to pause the show so we didn’t choke on dinner.

2. Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis (2020) – If there is one person to take advice from on this list, it’s Taylor Tomlinson. After calling off a wedding, navigating the new dating world and finding herself, Tomlinson’s twenties are nothing like she imagined they would be. After watching Tomlinson’s show it feels as though you have a new best friend and you’re both walking through life dealing with every landmine together.

3. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife (2018) – Talking about motherhood, marriage and life in general, Ali Wong holds nothing back in her hysterical show. While going far too in-depth about maternity leave, Wong shares how her life has changed in every aspect. Even though I’m a mere 20-year-old, I still felt as though I could relate to the motherly problems and hilarious side comments Wong used throughout the show to keep each minute interesting.

4. Jack Whitehall: I’m Only Joking (2020) – Taking the world at face value, Jake Whitehall brings his own spin to comedy. While joking more about the world around him with small anecdotes about his family and traumatic experiences, Whitehall’s show holds a different tune than other comedy specials. I must say that there are equal parts of genuine and awkward laughter when watching Whitehall as he pushes forward and comments on the hilarious real-world problems going on today.

5. Best of Stand-Up 2020 (2020) – If you’re just getting into comedy specials and are unsure about wanting to dedicate one whole hour to a single comedian, this show is perfect. Combining multiple comedians from different shows, this special will leave you dying in laughter. Incorporating some big and small names, there are bits about family, personal shocks and crazy stories one would never think actually happened to people.

As the sadness of missing out on shows like The Office and Friends grows, there are other ways to get a good laugh from Netflix. Maybe this is your sign to branch out and do some searching to find your new binge-worthy comedian.