How to decorate a dorm or apartment without a Christmas tree

By Mallory Harris | Reporter

As a symbol of the happiest time of year, Christmas decorations appear early in November to get everyone excited for the upcoming holiday. Some families have strict rules about putting up décor before Thanksgiving, but with the setbacks this year has brought, the world could use some early Christmas spirit.

However, being in a small dorm or apartment, where there is little to no space for a tree, how does one celebrate Christmas? It’s clear to note that the holiday festivities do not revolve around the tree and so while iconic, it’s not a dealbreaker. Some key decorations to brighten up a dull dorm room are garland, twinkle lights, wrapping paper and window clings.

Even though it’s glittery and sparkly, I think garland is right up there with the tree in signaling Christmastime. Draping garland across a dresser, a tv, doorway, over a fridge, or pinning it around a window are ways to decorate without it really being in the way. Also, with garland, they typically come in packs where you can get around two feet for pretty cheap. Depending on color or material, one can create a unique design and have a special decoration for the season.

Another unique project one can do to get in the holiday cheer is to take a roll or two of wrapping paper and wrap the front door. I personally did this with my roommate and was so much fun. Choose between a fun and cute pattern and a more solid color to really make it pop. This idea takes a little more effort but definitely puts a smile on everyone’s face as they walk past your room. Again pricewise, this is fairly cheap and whatever paper isn’t used for the door can be used to wrap family Christmas gifts, win-win.

One last idea to celebrate Christmas without a tree, and for those more on-the-go, look into window clings and twinkle lights. I know this past year twinkle lights have soared in popularity and almost everyone already has them, but maybe think about getting a Christmas set. Having lights that would typically go on a tree hang on a wall in the shape of a tree can bring the same warm feeling as having an actual tree in the room. With window clings, having a cute message or snowflake on a window, mirror, or fridge can bring up any spirit. Also, make sure it’s an appropriate message and cleared with any higher-ups before application.

Christmastime is always filled with happy music, ridiculous sales and the ever-present thought of others. The season full of glee is brought on by the magical decorations and continuous baking, and there’s no reason college students should be left out. Take advantage of what little space one has in the dorms and make it a winter wonderland, without a tree.