Don’t rush past Thanksgiving: enjoy this uniquely fall holiday

By Sarah Pinkerton | Staff Writer

With temperatures in Waco in the 80s this week, it may be difficult to look forward to all that Thanksgiving will bring your way in the next few weeks.

However, Thanksgiving continues to be the one holiday many people overlook in anticipation of the Christmas season. While yes, Christmas is right around the corner, it will have its own time in the limelight.

I must admit, I have already made my Christmas playlist, planned what gifts I’m going to be buying for my family and already have post-finals celebration plans in the works.

It is easy to look straight toward Christmas as the clock strikes midnight on Oct. 31. However, Christmas will have its time. We have to spend time appreciating the little moments that the fall and Thanksgiving seasons bring us.

While there’s not necessarily a plethora of Thanksgiving music to be had or Thanksgiving movies to binge, you can still get your Bob Dylan, Hozier and Rayland Baxter tunes going in all their fall folk glory, sip on a Chai latte and turn on “Gilmore Girls” to at least pretend it feels cold outside.

The leaves change, the world around turns into a brown and orange haze and you can finally start sporting the same XXL men’s sweater that has been waiting in the back of your closet.

In addition, not only do we get a few days off from class to rest before finals week, but we get to spend solid time with close family members without the pressure of finding the perfect gift and, if we’re lucky, it’s usually not too cold to keep spending time outside.

First of all, the food at Thanksgiving is one of the few times in life that you are given the green light to indulge in turkey, gravy, pumpkin pie and dressing in a way that is almost socially obligated. Thanksgiving has a rocky past for sure and we don’t have to overlook that but the day brings about the time to count the little blessings.

As my roommate Olivia says, it’s one the few holidays that forces you to be selfless for a little bit as you reflect on the things that you’re grateful for around you. Taking time to home in on the blessings that have been placed in your life is a gift that we too often overlook.

Even if you are more of Christmas person, the end of Thanksgiving Day brings on the Christmas celebrations.

Thanksgiving rings in the start of the Christmas days, and as soon as you finish eating on Thanksgiving Day you are legally allowed to blast Justin Bieber’s Christmas album and Michael Buble’s rendition of “White Christmas.”

Not to mention, leading up to Thanksgiving Day, Friendsgivings are the top-tier way to see your favorite people. I would argue these events are the most tender way to offer you an excuse to take a break during the long and stressful weeks that finals preparation will inevitably bring.

Even if you aren’t a particularly big fan of Thanksgiving, there’s no argument that it offers some of the most wholesome and restful excuses to see your favorite people, eat your favorite foods and indulge in your favorite TV shows and books.

Look for the benefits of the season before you discredit it as an insignificant holiday.

Take your allergy pills, take in the changing of the leaves and down some sweet potato casserole. It’s crucial.