Christmas is the greatest holiday

By Will Chamblee | Sports Writer

When someone thinks of Christmas, they think of beautiful decorations, giving gifts and spending time with family. There’s a reason that many people consider it their favorite holiday.

Christmas has a unique cultural impact like no other holiday. It consumes the entire month of December. Christmas is surrounded by movies, music and food, something that no other holiday can boast. For these reasons, it is the greatest holiday in the world.

No other holiday has a cultural impact quite like Christmas. As soon as Thanksgiving is finished, families around the world set up their Christmas lights and trees and begin playing Christmas music. While Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July or Halloween may be celebrated for a day or two, Christmas is celebrated for an entire month.

Christmas has also pervaded popular culture. Some of the greatest, most entertaining movies are Christmas movies, from “Elf” to “Die Hard” (yes, it is a Christmas movie). Christmas movies such as “Home Alone” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” have even been nominated for an Oscar, film’s highest award.

Christmas music is another example of the holiday entering popular culture. Superstar artists such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have released Christmas albums or songs and gone on to sell millions of copies. And then there is the classic Christmas music from the likes of Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley, which is stilled played regularly.

The prevalence of both Christmas movies and music creates a wondrous atmosphere that surrounds Christmastime.

Christmas is also a beautiful time of giving. It is when families and friends come together and give gifts to one another to celebrate their love for each other. There are not many better feelings in the world than when a loved one opens the gift you gave them and smiles. Christmas serves as a great reminder of why we come together as friends and family.

One cannot mention Christmas without mentioning Santa Claus as well. Santa is a character that brings wonder and joy to children around the world while teaching them to be good for their parents.

Christmas is also a deeply religious time for some. As a Christian, Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, and serves as a wonderful time to celebrate that. But whether Christmas for you is a religious holiday or just a time to reconnect with family and friends, it stills holds an impact.

Christmas music, movies and traditions all help create a wonderful and immersive holiday experience that cannot be topped. That is why Christmas is the best holiday.