Local art studio to host glassblowing event

Stanton Studios has hosted this event in previous years, resulting in the colorful pumpkins pictured above. Photo courtesy of Stanton Studios.

By Joshua Thompson | Contributor

Fans of all things autumn can create their own glass blown pumpkin with the option to choose from several designs and more than 100 colors at Stanton Studios on Friday and Saturday.

The process of glassblowing a pumpkin usually takes around 10 minutes, and it will take an additional 24 hours for the glass to cool down before attendees can collect their pumpkins, Jordan Stanton, the general manager of Stanton Studios, said.

“The event is for all ages and simple fun for everyone,” he said. “If someone has never blown glass before, they don’t have much to worry about. We walk them through the process and handle the harder parts.”

Craftsmen of Stanton Studios, who specialize in creating hand-crafted architectural pieces in mediums of glass, metal and wood for customers, will assist attendees by shaping and adding colors to a glass pumpkin.

As a craftsman for this event, Timothy Stanton, younger brother of Jordan, said that he finds it fun to meet new people while introducing them to glassblowing.

“I have been working with Jordan during the glassblowing events for the past eight years, and I really enjoy the customer interaction,” Timothy Stanton said.

Clients of Stanton Studios were a key part of the original creation of this event. Jordan Stanton said that people were interested in making their own glass art, so they requested for an event to be created.

“We love seeing familiar faces this year and welcoming newcomers who have never seen glassblowing before,” Jordan Stanton said. “It is our hope that people want to keep coming back each year to blow their own glass piece.”