Perspective of twins on an identical college journey

By BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

Imagine sharing a life with someone, being born together, raised together and now sharing the same college together. This is exactly what two sets of twins on Baylor’s campus are experiencing.

Arlington freshmen Maslin and Monet Markle and Landham, MD sophomores Marie and Annette Moukoury share their journey through twin life.

The Markle sisters share that, growing up, they thought things were normal. However, the stares they received when they were walking and dressed alike proved otherwise. A common question they were asked was — what is it like being a twin?

“I feel like [people] glorify it a lot more than it is actually like,” Maslin Markle said. “I mean it is fun having someone who looks exactly like you, but sometimes it is annoying.”

Maslin also shared how being a twin is rough because she and her sister know how to push each other’s buttons like no one else can. Monet agrees that she is more likely to push her sister’s buttons.

“I guess you can say I am more playful,” Monet said. “I also think it is funny whenever we dress alike accidentally because Maslin really hates looking like me for some reason – when, I mean, we have the same face so I don’t know what she is expecting.”

The Moukoury twins enjoy sharing the same face, clothes and pretty much everything. They saID growing up as a twin was great because they always had a friend to discover the world with.

“I plan to stay with my sister for the rest of my life,” Marie Moukoury said. “My sister is my best friend and I think she is my soul mate.”

Even with plans of marriage in the future, the Moukoury twins say they will always be together, as neighbors buying homes right next to each other.

“I would really want to stay with my sister for a really long time,” Annette Moukoury said. “We want to go to the same graduate school, we want to work at the same place, we want to do all of the same things.”

With different characteristics and personalities, there’s another thing these sets of twins have in common — sharing the same major with one another. Maslin and Monet are majoring in music, while Marie and Annette are majoring in medical humanities.

“Monet only ended up getting into the music program here and [I did as well],” Maslin said. “Our parents were just like, ‘Make sure you go to the same school if you can, [you] don’t want to deal with separation anxiety.'”

“Baylor was a school we both really loved,” Annette said. “We were not sure if all the schools we were accepted to would accept both of us and they did. [We] liked Baylor the most, so we decided to choose Baylor.”

Both sets of twins are involved on campus and plan to enjoy their college experience together.