Waco needs more fun attractions

By BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, so I am used to a big city. I am used to events happening all the time and many fun attractions to choose from. With Arlington and Dallas just a quick drive down the road, there is never a dull moment. Back home, we have Six Flags Over Texas, Dave and Busters, many restaurants and several malls to choose from. There is so much to do in the DFW area. When I moved to Waco with my family two years ago, I quickly learned there was a big difference.

When it was time to go to the mall, I realized Waco only had one, and the majority of the stores I was used to were nonexistent. When I looked for a Home Goods to shop at, I discovered there was not one. When it is time for date night or an outing with friends, I had to search real hard to find something fun to do. I learned finding a Dave and Busters or amusement place was not happening. Googling “things to do in Waco” was no help because it only recommended the Cameron Park Zoo, the Silos, Cameron Park and a few other options.

Now do not get me wrong, I love the city of Waco and I am grateful God led my family here, but the town needs more. However, I love the closeness and how I can get anywhere in 30 minutes max. There just needs to be more to do, especially because people travel here often to go to the Silos. I would also love other options, especially when family visits and are looking to explore the city. This is solely my opinion and I understand people’s definition of fun is different.

When I think about fun, I imagine there being a Top Golf, another mall, a lounge to hang with friends, a karaoke bar, more museums and even an amusement park with roller coaster rides. I know Waco has grown a lot from the past, but there is room for more. I understand it cannot be like the DFW area, but it has potential to be just as exciting. Hopefully there will be more options to choose from in the next few years.