No game? No problem.

George Schroeder | Broadcast Reporter

With two football game cancelations in a row, things were not looking good for Baylor’s 50th Baylor Line. However, even with no game, Baylor brought their freshmen and seniors to McLane Stadium to provide a pseudo-line experience.

Students were given an opportunity to take their official line jersey photo, sign the Baylor line tunnel and the first several hundred students received free food from local Waco favorites.

No football is certainly a disappointment for many Baylor fans, but those who attended the event seemed to be satisfied with the effort the university has put in to keep their traditions alive in the midst of COVID.

Cypress freshman, Jolene Nhan, believes Baylor is doing a good job providing events for them, even though it may be difficult at times.

“The fact that they are making an effort to give us this event is really important to us,” Nhan said.

Other students echoed that same viewpoint.

“By doing this, they are really showing an effort to make as much happen as possible,” Clay Fuller, a Little Rock, Ark. freshman, said. “I think it’s great.”

To top off the day at McLane, Baylor President Linda Livingstone and First Gent Brad Livingstone also made an appearance. They spoke and took selfies with the students waiting in line for their turn on the field.

“We knew that because the game was postponed, that we had a lot of students who had been so excited about coming, particularly our freshman and our seniors, and thought it would be a great opportunity for them to get together to sign the Baylor line and to celebrate being together in a safe and socially distanced way, even when we couldn’t have a game,” President Livingstone said.

While the future of Baylor athletics is unknown, it appears that the university is making strides to provide safe but fun experiences for its students, trying to prove that lights still shine bright at Baylor, even through a pandemic.