A guide to the best brews in Waco, nearby cities

Fiction Coffee was originally established in Dallas and it now has two Dallas locations and one Houston location. The Ross and Hall St. location features a colorful mural outside. Bridget Sjoberg | Editor-in-Chief.

By Bridget Sjoberg | Editor-in-Chief

Spring break is a time to explore—even if you aren’t embarking on a vacation, there are a variety of exciting activities and local spots to look into if you’re staying close to campus.

In a town like Waco that serves as a hub for trendy coffee spots, there are multiple up-and-coming places to get your caffeine on. Waco’s proximity to cities like Dallas and Austin also makes going on coffee adventures a must when you have free time.

That being said, here are some coffee spots to hit if you’re staying close to Waco for your week off.

Fabled Bookshop and Café (Waco)

Fabled opened in August 2019, and it has quickly grown to become a Waco favorite. The spot doubles as a bookstore and coffee shop, and even serves some drinks based off popular literary characters. Fabled also hosts authors for book signings and other special events.

Magnolia Press (Waco)

As one of the newest spots from the Magnolia franchise, Magnolia Press serves coffee and pastries close to Magnolia Market and other downtown spots like The Findery. Magnolia Press’ design resembles an old-fashioned train station, and the grounds surrounding the shop are soon expanding to include a relocated church, a ball field and six retail shops.

Lighthouse Coffee (Waco)

Lighthouse serves a variety of high-quality coffee drinks and other beverages, and is new to the Waco coffee scene. Located on Washington Avenue close to downtown shops and small businesses, Lighthouse is an up-and-coming spot perfect for sitting outside and taking in views of Waco’s growth.

Mañana (Austin)

Located on South Congress and close to a variety of fun shops and restaurants, Mañana is the perfect spot to relax while taking a day trip to Austin. Mañana has a variety of house-made syrups like lavender, blackberry-thyme and butterscotch, and serves tea and espresso drinks.

Seventh Flag Coffee (Austin)

Housed in a small cottage on First Street, Seventh Flag is a peaceful spot to spend time and has a variety of indoor and outdoor seating. The coffee has a distinctive bitter yet smooth taste, and the shop sells fun Austin merchandise.

Fleet Coffee (Austin)

Fleet is located in a small trailer-like building and it serves a variety of unique coffee drinks. They also have breakfast tacos and a decent selection of pastries. Fleet is a bit out of downtown, and is a perfect spot for a local experience to avoid the crowds. Unique menu items include an iced espresso with ginger honey and lemon juice, and a cappuccino with house-made eggnog.

George’s Coffee and Provisions (Coppell)

George’s is a unique spot in nearby Coppell, located in a shiplap-lined house with seating open outside and in several rooms. George’s serves coffee drinks and other beverages, as well as food options like charcuterie boards and toast such as avocado tomato and almond butter banana.

Fiction Coffee (Dallas)

Originally from Dallas, Fiction has expanded to include another Dallas location and an upcoming Houston location. Each spot has a unique design, and is intentionally small to give a community-based feel. The Ross and Hall St. location is based in a building with exposed brick, and features a colorful mural on the outside.

Craftwork Coffee Co. (Fort Worth)

If you’re traveling to Fort Worth over Spring Break, Craftwork is the spot to visit—there are three Craftwork locations, and another that opened in Austin. Craftwork has a simple menu focused on quality coffee, and focuses on forming locations to fit within the neighborhoods they’re located in. They also offer tours to learn more on their website.