Students talk Thanksgiving food and family

By Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and students are finally able to put the books down and head home for the long-awaited break. Some students on campus share what they are most excited for this holiday season.

“I am really looking forward to going home, seeing my family and doing all the traditions we do for Thanksgiving,” Friendswood sophomore Ashley Brueggeman said. “Ever since I was six, I have made pies with my grandma and then we usually just watch a football game while we all eat.”

Another student shares what he is most looking forward to.

“I am also looking forward to seeing my family, because it’s been a while since I have seen them,” Annandale, Minn., freshman Carly Hendrickson said. “I am excited to go home and see the snow.”

When it comes to a healthy Thanksgiving meal, nutrition expert and assistant professor LesLee Funderburk shares some tips of what to look out for.

“I would try to avoid things with cream sauces, gravies and butter,” LesLee Funderburk said. “I would try to avoid those types of foods. The thing that I try and tell people is that it is only one meal a year. Try to keep those portion sizes reasonable, and don’t going back for seconds. If at all possible, try to move that day and go for a walk either before or after the Thanksgiving meal.”

While most students go home for break, other students will be staying on campus. The All University Thanksgiving Dinner brings that home feeling to campus.

“We have free food, free desert and free drinks,” junior class Vice President Alexander Chapa said. “We got free entertainment for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great time and brings the Baylor family together. It brings some fellowship to Baylor’s campus.”

Los Gatos, Calif., sophomore Sebastian Carrillo will be staying in Waco this Thanksgiving.

“Unfortunately, I can’t go home because I live pretty far,” Carrillo said. “I just really appreciate that Baylor can put on an event like this so that I can feel like I am at home and have a very warm and delicious Thanksgiving meal.”