Appreciate rainy days

By Nate Smith | Broadcast Reporter

Imagine this: the date is Saturday, Nov. 16, you wake up to the sound of rain pitter pattering against your window.

For some, this is an absolute death sentence. A day wasted due to what can be seen as depressing weather. Rain can foil your plans to go to the zoo or to take a hike. Maybe every time a storm blows in, a killer headache comes with it, and sometimes dark and dreary skies can just bring down your mood. However, I find rainy days to be anything but depressing.

Nothing is quite like being greeted by dogs barking, birds chirping and children playing as you stroll down the street on a sunny April day. But walking down the street donning a windbreaker with a large coffee in hand as you’re being doused with rain can be just as satisfying.

Sunny and stereotypical beautiful days tend to taunt you in a way, making you feel guilty with how you choose to spend your day if it doesn’t involve skipping down the street, eating an ice cream cone or sprawling out on a beach to soak up the sunlight.

Rainy days couldn’t be any more different. Rainy days don’t come bogged down with expectations of actually doing anything, which means that there’s truly an endless world of possibilities at your fingertips. If you want to park yourself on your couch and watch hours upon hours of your favorite show, you can. If you want to make yourself a bowl of soup and bundle up in countless blankets as you watch the rain stream down the gutters outside of you window, you can do that too. If you get a wild hair and decide that you want to put on you jacket and your rain boots and go explore, more power to you.

With proper execution, rainy days can truly be the perfect storm.