Pumpkin carving is overrated

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Since the countdown to Halloween is quickly approaching, along with that comes pumpkin patches, haunted houses, decorating cookies, scary movies and of course pumpkin carving. There are so many things you can do to get into the Halloween spirit! However, does there come a time where we grow old of these activities?

We all know and love these traditions. I’m guilty of doing every single one of these festivities every year. Oh, and of course posting photos all over social media while doing so.

We have been doing all these classic activities since we were children, and I believe that’s part of the reason we still do them. Carving a pumpkin and baking the famous Pillsbury Halloween-themed cookies warps time and makes any person no matter their age to feel like a kid again.

Despite the fact that these crafts bring back sweet childhood memories, will there ever be a time we quit doing them? Is there an age we just stop eating candy corn? Stop dressing up in costumes? Stop watching Charlie Brown? Stop carving pumpkins?

Of course this depends on the person. Some people are extra festive and others are completely disinterested in the holidays.

Yes, I understand this is part of our childhood memories, but this activity is overrated. I said it, pumpkin carving is overrated. Why do we have to carve pumpkins, make a mess and spill all the guts?

I suggest you still partake in the holiday season and buy the pumpkins for decoration but please, for the sake Casper the Ghost, do not carve them.

When we carve a pumpkin, we start by getting a cheap set of carving tools. These tools always seem to break and bend when trying to cut through the thick membrane. If you are going to carve, at least get a good set of tools. With weak tool, pumpkin carving is more than a hassle than a joy. It’s better to avoid this craft all together and enjoy the holiday without a disaster.

Once you have the top of the pumpkin opened you have the mess of getting all the guts out. If you are trendy enough I bet you would bake your own pumpkin seeds for a snack while watching Hocus Pocus. The slimy guts get everywhere and all under your finger nails too… so spooky. Save yourself from the mess. Avoid pumpkin carving and just admire the beauty of the pumpkin in its original form.

One you have attempted to make a complex design on the face of your pumpkin and failed, it usually resorts to the classic jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes and crooked smile that has two teeth. Not all of us are creative, so it’s just pure disappointment when our artistic design doesn’t come to fruition. Protect your own feelings from the failure and just decorate your house with the decorations from the home section of Home Goods.

Finally, once you have a delightful design on your pumpkin you insert some candles and place in on your front porch to display to the public. Usually leaving the pumpkin out to mold and rot for a few days after Halloween (how festive). Cleaning up a moldy and rotten pumpkin is just undesirable. So, in theory I’m helping you out and saving you from another post Halloween chore.

Ultimately, your Halloween festivities are up to you. However, I suggest that you look at this craft objectively and understand that pumpkin carving is flat out overrated.