Eastside Market creates constructive space, opportunities for starter companies

Kennedy Dendy | Executive Producer The Eastside Market, located at Brotherwell Brewing, brings vendors and creators together to share their creations with customers.

By Preston Gossett | Reporter

Eastside Market seeks to feature creativity in Waco through a variety of local artisans and vendors.

The vendors the market creators bring out to the market aren’t random. Deoryen Thornton, one of the creators of Eastside Market, said that he and others who plan the market sit down and come up with a variety of local vendors to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Eastside Market has everything from pumpkin vendors to vintage clothing vendors; even partnered with one of the local animal shelters for something children would be interested in.

“Everyone is welcome; we don’t judge anyone. If it’s appropriate for the customers here, come along, and set up a tent,” Thornton said. “The whole point of the Eastside Market is for everyone to grow.”

Newport Beach, Calif., junior Trey Mena, founder of Solar Apparel, appeared at Eastside Market last Sunday. He recently launched his clothing line on Sept. 29 as a way of furthering the gospel by using clothes as a conversation piece.

“They see my [clothes] and they ask, ‘What does that mean?’” Mena said. “It’s an opportunity to share about Jesus.”

Thornton said Mena is the first Baylor student to sell his product and have a booth at the market.

“For him to come out and [sell his product], I feel like he’s representing Baylor really well,” Thornton said. “He’s doing a good thing and I enjoy it.”

Solar Apparel’s mission statement is about people being human solar panels for God, and Thornton said that his brand is a great fit for what they’re trying to accomplish at Eastside Market. Solar Apparel will also appear at another booth in Austin on Nov. 10.

Mena said that Eastside Market is also a good place to foster connections.

Thornton said that Eastside Market wants to team up with fraternities, sororities as well as other members of the Baylor community. The Eastside Market is also looking for people who will volunteer to do turkey giveaways closer to Thanksgiving or participate in a clothing drop.

Above all, Thornton wants to provide people with the opportunity to get involved.