Baylor Wake goes beyond the boards for Steppin’ Out

By Braden Thommarson | Broadcast Intern

Baylor Wake goes beyond boards and backflips in Steppin’ Out, a nationally-recognized program started in 1985.

Though it has become condensed into a smaller time frame as the years have passed, Steppin’ Out still exemplifies Baylor’s commitment to service.

Baylor Wake demonstrated their care for the Waco community by participating in a river cleanup that helped to rid the Brazos River of trash.

For Alamo, Calif. senior Megan Bain, the team president, participating in a river cleanup is mutually beneficial for both Baylor Wake, since the team practices on the Brazos, and the local community.

“As the wakeboarding team, we use this river every single day so,” Bain said. “It really helps us to get the trash out of the river as well as [help] the Waco community.”

Baylor Wake members donned green vests and took to both kayaks and the river walk to help participate in the cleanup, joining other collegiate organizations and ordinary individuals.

Some members of the team even climbed into hard-to-reach places to retrieve remains of Styrofoam cups, plastic bottles, pieces of fishing line and many other items. There was even a full-size tarp among the items team members fished out of the river.

Participating in this river cleanup demonstrated that Baylor Wake’s commitments are not just confined to honing their skills.