Doctoral biology student celebrates creative exploration through camera lenses

By Igor Stepczysnki | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor University is located on a beautiful campus. However, some students take its captivating views for granted. One student who does not do so is Baylor student Aadil Sheikh from Austin, Texas.

Aadil Sheikh currently works for Baylor Media and Communication after working for Baylor Roundup, the organization that creates and designs yearbooks. Aadil says his hobby for photography was inspired by his dad.

“My dad loves photography, and he really got me into it. It really didn’t pick up until I started working for the roundup,” Sheikh said.

Apart from still photography, Aadil takes timelapses across multiple landscapes across campus and shares them on his instagram. Some of his most popular shots include the Baylor Science Building and the Hankamer Foster School of Business. He says his other photography subjects largely depend on the time of year.

“This time of year it’s a lot of football and sports photography,” Sheikh said. “We also get to do multiple events like After Dark, Sing dress rehearsals and just a lot of student oriented campus events.”

Aadil’s work has received recognition by Baylor, and it has often been reposted on their official social media pages.

“It feels nice to know your university gives you mini recognition for the work you do, and it’s a really great feeling. I just really love taking photos. It’s not as important.”

After looking at some of his work, some may assume that photography is probably part of his career path. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Aadil is a secondary doctoral biology student and a teaching assistant. He says photography is his hobby, but his passion lies in science.

“The end goal is to become a physician scientist, so I’d like to go to medical school after I complete my doctoral degree here. I do photography to pursue a creative side that might not be there when I am working in the lab, and it also allows me to blow off some steam if I am too stressed out.”

One of the most difficult things for a college students is finding time to do what they love or finding a hobby. Aadil is living proof that if there is a will, there is a way. Amid juggling responsibilities as a doctoral student and a teaching assistant, his hobby waits for him with a warm welcome at the end of each day. He says photography alleviates stress and makes him feel better mentally after a photography session at the end of a busy day.

“I think everybody should have some sort of creative outlook. We’re all college kids and we are all stressed out, so it’s nice to take a breather once in a while.”

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, masters or doctoral student, it is important to find time to explore life’s creative side. When asked about the purpose behind finding photography or any hobby, Aadil said it all in a few words.

“Take care of yourself,” Sheikh said.

To see some of Aadil’s photography, visit his instagram.