La Pa Ché combines a love of fashion and style

Carissa Setiawan, owner of La Pa Ché, and her friends Logan Zelenak and Emma Wilkinson showing off their new style. Setiawan, being a college student herself, knows the market and what people really need. Photo courtesy of La Pa Ché

By Avery Owens | Contributor

La Pa Ché, an online boutique started by Baylor student Carissa Setiawan, was born out of her love for fashion and business.

Setiawan, a junior from Jakarta, Indonesia, is a fashion and business guru. Her brand, La Pa Ché, kicked off at the beginning of the school year.

“I love fashion, not just the clothing part of it, but also the art part of it that involves the photography and sewing,” Setiawan said. “I was looking for a way for me to express this love.”

Her first line was themed for game day. She had 20 pieces for buyers to choose from, and they sold out fast.

“La Pa Ché is great because it is so hard to find cute, game day outfits around Waco,” Columbus, Ohio, sophomore Vivian Roach said. “Carissa’s boutique offers affordable retail therapy for me. Instagram businesses have definitely changed the way I shop.”

Her clothing is sold through the brand’s Instagram. The Instagram captions are conversational and persuasive to convince followers to make a purchase.

To advertise a dress included in her game day line, her caption on Instagram read, “This super cute and simple Play Date Dress comes in green and yellow!! Best part: it has pockets!!”

A college student herself, Setiawan knows how to sell to her generation. She chooses clothes from the same whole market that local boutiques buy from.

“I don’t have to pay for a lease like boutiques have to, so I don’t have to markup my clothes,” Setiawan said.

The goal of La Pa Ché is to provide clothing that is on-trend and affordable.

“I’m a college student and I understand that as students we try not to splurge,” Setiawan said. “I ask myself how much I would want to pay for the outfit.”

Setiawan chooses which pieces she will include based on trends she notices around campus.

“I pick out what is cute and what I think Baylor students will like,” said Setiawan. “I have to be up-to-date with trends and know what people will like.”

In addition to clothing, she also sells earrings from Bali. This is her way to give back.

“My earrings are handmade in Bali, so it supports women from there,” Setiawan said.

Setiawan plans on releasing a fall line soon. She will continue gearing her clothes towards Baylor students for now. This makes the shipping process easier for her.

“People can send me a DM [on Instagram] and we can meet up somewhere and you can try it on,” Setiawan said. “If you like it, you can have it.”

This small business is giving her professional experience that could provide opportunities for her in the future.

“I can really see myself doing this in the future,” Setiawan said. “Having this store really allows me to express my creativity and also use my talents at the same time.”

Setiawan hopes her clothing brand will send a message to the world.

“For people who wear La Pa Ché, it’s a reminder for love, positivity and just to have fun,” Setiawan said.