Custard’s the word, ya heard?: Andy’s conveys traditional custard parlor feeling

Since Tuesday, Baylor students and local Wacoans can enjoy frozen custard, conveniently located in the Grease Pit. Cole Tompkins | Multimedia Editor

By KJ Burkley | Reporter

With its grand opening last Tuesday in the Grease Pit, Andy’s Frozen Custard is continuing to make an impact on the Baylor and greater Waco communities.

Chris Plumpe, the president of the Waco and Austin Andy’s locations, said that building Andy’s here in town was always part of the plan.

“I fell in love with Waco and I decided that Andy’s, the pride of my hometown, would be the perfect for this area,” Plumpe said. “I love this area and community, and that’s why I chose this place to live and work.”

This store opening marks the major growth of the chain in the United States. With over 50 locations open in 10 states, Andy’s is gaining momentum in making itself a popular place for custard and dessert choices.

The roots of Andy’s stems from its original location in Springfield, Mo., when founders John and Carol Kuntz steered a movement of frozen treats. Plumpe, who is a Springfield native and a University of Missouri alum, said that Andy’s played a critical role in his childhood and collegiate career.

“Andy’s was always busy with friends and family,” Plumpe said. “We would go to Andy’s after sporting events, for birthdays, even when it was snowing outside. We would just grab our families and dogs and go to Andy’s. I can’t believe that this little custard store from my hometown has grown so much.”

Plumpe’s love for Andy’s would shape his future career path after college. He said that he was inspired by the top of the line service at Andy’s in Springfield and wanted to become an integral part of influencing surrounding communities with the same classy and excellent patron service.

Plumpe said he hopes that the smooth and creamy treats Andy’s offers will be the bridge that brings both Baylor students and Waco residents together to create memories that are as delicious as their custard, ultimately making them the No. 1 choice for treats and catering.

“I’m so excited to get involved with Baylor,” Plumpe said. “Baylor is not just any school. It’s a different kind of breed of students here. There’s a different level of pride, and its really unique to be a part of. We look forward to becoming a part of the special kind of community Baylor offers by catering to fraternities, sororities and service groups. I want them to think of us when they meet with each other.”

As for Baylor students the taste of Andy’s has already made an impact. Shreveport, La., and Baylor sophomore Jessica Brooks, said her firstexperience at Andy’s was one to remember.

“I found out about Andy’s in the spur of the moment,” Brooks said. “I didn’t have any expectations, so I kept an open mind about it when I visited. I absolutely loved the chill atmosphere, and the service was friendly and quick. The next time I go to get custard, I’m going to Andy’s. Its definitely one of those ‘treat yourself’ places.”

Along with the service of frozen custard, the restaurant theme centers on the design of the first Andy’s store location. Plumpe said the look of the custard shop is an essential part of the chain’s identity.

“We love to see people hanging out on the patio. It’s our home, and it takes a lot of older generations back to their childhood while introducing younger generations to that feeling of togetherness,” Plumpe said. “From the store design to the uniforms our employees wear, it gives the classy feeling of a throwback custard parlor.”

The Waco Andy’s is the first store to open in the Central Texas community, with three other stores located in Austin, and 11 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Plumpe said he hopes that the new location will impact Waco with the same memorable custard, quality and care he grew up experiencing.

“I love handing out frozen treats and seeing a smile on people’s face,” Plumpe said. “That’s what Andy’s does; we make it fun to be a kid for a while.”