Student job spotlight—technology center

Hankamer School of Business offers many on-campus jobs for students. Nathan De La Cerda | Multimedia Journalist

By Michael Knight | Reporter

Many college students work on-campus jobs throughout their college experience at Baylor. Quite a few of these employees are located in the Hankamer School of Business, which offers a wide variety of work opportunities.

One place that business students may walk by every day that hosts jobs with quite a few responsibilities is the technology center on the second floor of Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.

There are two main obligations associated with the technology center job. They act as a friendly face to those in the business school, directing people to desired locations or helping them with general needs. These workers also make sure the printers and other machines are working well and are equipped with paper in the lab and the surrounding area.

St. Louis junior Griffin Andersen and Wimberley junior Lukas Anderson discussed further what some of their responsibilities are as workers in the center. Though Anderson has just been on the job for around two weeks, he already has an idea of what is required.

“Depending on where you are stationed, you really are just checking on the equipment, helping out students and being a friendly face for those who may not know where they are at by helping them around the business school,” Anderson said.

Those main two responsibilities play an important role in the job and Anderson has already found a way to be helpful and kind to students who need assistance while still keeping up with the duties in the lab.

Andersen has been around the job a bit longer, as he started at the beginning of the summer. He reiterated some of those key aspects of the job.

“I monitor the printers in both the technology center and the second floor, as well as the third floor and fourth floor of the business school,” Andersen said. “I check the printers to make sure the papers and ink cartridges are full in each one. I also assist anyone who comes in and has issues with their computers in the technology center and show them how to use the equipment.”

Andersen also shared about a time when he was new to the job and incorrectly attempted to fix a printer.

“The ink in one of the printers [upstairs] was out, so I had to go change it,” Andersen said. “I had no idea how to do it since it was my second day on the job. I pulled out the ink cartridge and tried to push the new one in, but it wouldn’t shut and I jammed the whole printer.”

Andersen said that if students ever need help in the business school with directions or with a printer issue, they should feel free to ask the student workers in the technology center, and that the workers are always willing to lend a hand and be a friendly face on campus.

For more information about working a job on Baylor’s campus, visit Baylor’s student employment website for more information.