Student job spotlight— working at Baylor business school

Business students can study and finish up assignments in the atrium of the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation late into the night. Nathan De La Cerda | Multimedia Journalist

By Michael Knight | Reporter

With Baylor classes back in full swing, many students will be starting or returning to on-campus jobs. Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, in particular, has a variety of student jobs that can be seen throughout the building.

One of these positions exists on the fourth floor of the Foster Campus for Business and Innovation as an office assistant in the graduate school. This position has a number of responsibilities that offer experience in several different areas.

Spring senior Brett Randall and Rockwall senior Kacy Holloway, who both work as office assistants in the graduate school, shared about what their job requires of them on a day-to-day basis. While some of their roles aren’t completely clear with the school year just beginning, both Randall and Holloway have been with the job for multiple semesters.

“I formerly used to convert prospects into accounts,” Randall said. “Basically, when someone applies to the graduate school, I helped make sure they get into an account and consolidate the information from two different systems.”

A huge part of the job for these office assistants is ensuring that people who apply for graduate school get their application to the proper place so that the admission process can begin smoothly.

“I run queries to convert [online] MBA applications,” Holloway said. “I restock the graduate lounge with snacks and drinks as well.”

Spreading awareness about the Business School’s various graduate programs, including the MBA, is also a very important part of their job. Randall said that office assistants have other duties within the Business School as well.

“We also make sure that the graduate programs have an up-to-date inventory,” Randall said. “We send out promotions so that people know about the MBA and other graduate programs.”

The various roles involved with the job give the student employees experience in various areas of work. Requiring everything from stocking snacks to giving potential MBA students their accounts, the job of an office assistant in the graduate office is one that differs by the day.

For more information about on-campus jobs, visit Baylor’s student employment website.