Why getting a school job is worth it

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Managing Editor

To be completely honest, sometimes working a job while also having a full-time school schedule is draining and utterly unenjoyable. However, working while in college is so rewarding. I have had the opportunity to learn new things about the work force and adulthood.

When I was freshman, I was enrolled in a full-time schedule while still involved in extracurriculars. Yet I still felt as if I had too much time in the day. I did well in school and had a good social life, but I needed to fill the void. I wanted to find a job that would not only help fill my schedule but also fulfill my desire to discover my true passions.

As the end of my freshman year came, I applied for the Lariat to be a part of the broadcast team. I was accepted and was brought on to the staff for my sophomore year as a broadcast reporter and anchor for Lariat TV News.

I didn’t possess much knowledge about broadcast or even journalism, but I was eager to learn. I still am eager to learn which has helped me progress in my work. This is one feature about working that I love — there is always more to learn: about yourself, your field and others.

I was taught that nobody is going pave my path for me. Everyone will be willing to help, but it is the time for me to prove myself.

After working for the Lariat for a year, I have been promoted from broadcast reporter to broadcast managing editor. It has only been about three weeks in this position, but I have already learned so much. I have been tested and pushed, but I wouldn’t change anything about it.

It has been such a wonderful experience to come in as a sophomore with minimal knowledge to now as a junior helping others grow. I was that one person constantly asking questions and for help, and now I am helping those are in the same position I used to be in.

This job has been more than just a job to put on a resume and get paid every two weeks. This is an opportunity to learn about myself and my desires for my future. This job continues to challenge me and push me to places I didn’t know I could reach.

Through working while in college I have not only learned time management, responsibility and teamwork, but I most importantly have found a field of work I am passionate about.

So, I encourage anyone and everyone to get a job while in college. Yes, it will kick your butt and you will come home exhausted and wake up tired. However, at the end of the day — whether you’re working at a fast food restaurant, a retail clothing store or as a landscaper — there is always something to learn about yourself and others.