‘Gossip Girl’ is the best show on Netflix

Photo courtesy of IMDb

By Ahfaaz Merchant | Sports Writer

Whether you read books, go for walks, work out or watch TV in your free time, we can all agree that there is nothing better than bingeing your favorite Netflix series. Hands-down the best series on Netflix is “Gossip Girl.”

This drama television series follows the lives of several privileged students at Constance Billard Prep School, a top-tier exclusive high school located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The students at this high school quickly find out that they can hide no secrets of their lives from the blogger hidden amongst the students known as Gossip Girl.

The question on every student’s mind is who Gossip Girl could be? Who is delving into the private lives of their fellow classmates?

The five students that everyone has their eyes on include Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey. Who out of these six could possibly be the blogger everyone refers to as Gossip Girl?

Blair Waldorf is first to the table. Blair is the ruthless, yet gorgeous queen of the school. She and her “minions,” who abide by everything she says, enjoy all the finer things in life. She is a proper girl who has her whole life planned out and always gets her way. With her signature headband, she is crowned as the schools Queen Bee.

Her best friend for life is quite the opposite. Serena is also quite wealthy and fashionable but takes life one day at a time and has many secrets to her name.

One of those secrets includes Nate Archibald, who has everything laid out in front of him, as he is born in to one of the wealthiest families, the Vanderbilt family. His right-hand man, Chuck Bass is the wealthiest of them all. He is the bad playboy that gets whatever he wants through his manipulative ways.

The outsider of this clan is Dan Humphrey. He is the smartest of the bunch and works very hard to earn everything he gets, as he is not blessed with the riches that his friends have.

The creators of this show take us on a roller coaster through the romances, hardships and plot twists creating confusion in the minds of the viewers who are trying to answer the very same question the students are trying to answer: Who could Gossip Girl possible be?

They do a great job of scripting a story line that allows the viewers to guess who Gossip Girl could be but end up with a surprise at the end. Each of the main characters is developed in a way that allows for any one of them to be crowned as the mysterious blogger.

You could join the journey by streaming the five seasons on Netflix throughout the semester and find out for yourself the answer to who this mysterious blogger known as Gossip Girl is!