Students argue for and against staying in Waco for the summer

While some students argue that Waco is boring during the summer, Jimmy Dorrell, founder and executive director of Mission Waco says great things happen in Waco during the season. He encourages students to get involved in Church Under the Bridge and other programs Mission Waco offers. Lariat File Photo.

By Emma Whitaker | Reporter

As classes come to a close and summer quickly approaches, many Baylor students are finalizing their plans for summer. While some students argue that Waco doesn’t offer what big cities do during the summertime, others are looking forward to spending their summer here.

According to Walnut Creek senior Matthew Walker, he said he thinks that many students would prefer Los Angeles, Chicago or New York to Waco in the summer, desiring a faster pace than that of Waco’s streets.

“I would not want to be here over the summer. It’s hot, and there’s nothing to do. I’d rather be in California,” Walker said.

Truett seminary student Paige Shellhorse said many students are not getting the full picture and Waco is a great place to stay in the summer.

“I’m a huge proponent of staying in Waco in the summers. No lines at restaurants, it’s the life. Especially If you have just a few friends around, it is an extremely peaceful and life giving atmosphere,” Shellhorse said.

Local Wacoan Destiny Rogers says the town feels much quieter and like more of the small town during the summertime.

“It’s so quiet without students. Nonprofit organizations miss students in the summers, for the volunteer service goes way down,” Rogers said.

While many nonprofit organizations might take a hit in the summers, Jimmy Dorrell, founder and executive director of Mission Waco, says the summer is just as exciting as it is during the school year.

“We have groups that come in and teach clubs at apartment complexes throughout the summer. Our youth are raising money to go to Boston this summer. Summer is a busy, yet wonderful time for Mission Waco,” Dorrell said.

Dorrell invites students to join to Mission Waco internship, or get involved with Church Under the Bridge over the summer.

Shellhorse volunteers for Mission Waco. She wakes up at 5:00 in the morning to help cook breakfast for Mission Waco’s shelter and says the best time to learn service skills is in those peaceful summer months of college. According to Shellhorse, maybe sacrifice a busy internship for authentic, slow-paced rest.

According to Dorrell, Waco has been labeled No. 2 travel destination for 2018 by TripAdvisor. While some students might be numb to Waco’s charms, Shellhorse challenges students to look at it with fresh eyes.

“You have time to explore the city in a way you just don’t have time to during classes, even going to the cities outside like Gatesville. You have time to try new things, become better at things. Time just seems to stand still,” Shellhorse said.