Softball swept by Texas Tech in weekend series

Story by Jessika Harkay | Sports Writer, Video by McKenzie Oviatt | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor softball fell to Texas Tech in a weekend series (2-6, 2-11, 6-11), bringing the team’s losing streak to eight straight games. Yet the third game of the series on Sunday afternoon gave a small hint of promise for the Lady Bear’s progress, as the team had the most runs and most hits since March 12 against McNeese State.

Junior Nicky Dawson said that the improvement in this game came from matching Tech’s energy.

“One of the things we’ve really been talking about is energy and that’s something they had in their dugout,” Dawson said. “So we felt like if we matched that, then we could have good bats and have the defense be focused and just really have everything together. I was really impressed with our fight and it was really not close at one point and we just kept getting hits and came together.”

Led by Dawson with three hits and freshmen Kassidy Krupit and Ana Watson each with two RBIs, the Lady Bears totaled 10 hits and six runs. The fifth and seventh innings were the points of momentum for the team, each producing three runs.

In the fifth, Dawson had one of the biggest hits for the Lady Bears with a triple in the center field, marking her second of the season. This opened the door to center fielder Lou Gilbert with a flied out hit that allowed the first run of the game. A double homer from Krupit would bring the matchup to 8-3.

The sparks of hope came too late as the Red Raiders opened the first inning with a double homer from designated player Trenity Edwards, only to be followed with an additional six runs by the fifth.

Tech was led by Taylor Satchell with two runs, two hits and 4 RBIs.

Although the offense got something going late in the game, the defense was something head coach Glenn Moore was proud of.

“I thought our defense played pretty solid,” Moore said. “I thought we made minimal mistakes, probably weren’t as noticeable from outside the field and that hurt us a little bit and cost us a couple of runs. But, we didn’t let that take us out of our game and we did make some good defensive plays I thought.”

In the seventh innings, Texas Tech batted their second double homer before striking out to bring the Lady Bears offense back on the field. Finally able to get some hitting going, Moore’s team had three different players run to end the game 11-6.

Dawson said the little sparks throughout the game give the team hope that they can finish the season on a high note.

“Specifically for this game and other games as well, we know what we can do and what we’re able to do,” Dawson said. “It’s hard sometimes to enthusiastic all the time with what’s going on, whether it’s the score board or an error or anything like that, but with the energy we had I think we can turn it around and that’s something we’re focused on doing.”

Struggling with a new and young roster, the Lady Bears fell to 15-24 on the season. Baylor stays at home to take on Lamar University at 4 p.m Tuesday at Getterman Stadium.