Student sections bring energy to Baylor sports

By Elisabeth Tharp | LTVN Sports Director

During my time here, I have covered every sport Baylor has to offer for LTVN, and there has always been one similarity: The student section majorly impacts the games.

For example, basketball games gain and lose the most from the student section. I have seen it all, from the Ferrell Center reaching maximum capacity to barely having over 1,000 fans inside. Though our student section may not have as many seats as Kansas does inside the Allen Fieldhouse where nearly a quarter of the 17,700 seats go to students, according to Bleacher Report, Baylor student athletes and coaches have commended our student section for years.

Recently, Lady Bears head coach Kim Mulkey posted on Twitter, “…as you seemed to grow louder with each bucket during our runs, makes more of a difference than you’ll ever know to our players. While we’d love to have you every night we hit the floor — because you make a — I am grateful to you for supporting the student-athletes, your classmates on the floor…”

From basketball to soccer, students bring the energy. We bring the motivation our athletes need to succeed and win for our incredible university.

Though we have had some hard times with a few athletes, it does not mean all of our athletes have lost their way. These athletes are here to represent our university the best they can, day and night, regardless if it’s playing a game or working in the classroom. Their job is hard enough, so they need all the help they can get. It all starts with us students.

For most games at Baylor, students get free entry, so if you’re a sports fan and love Baylor, then you should be attending as many games you can. I promise you won’t be disappointed by any game you attend, they are all exciting and unique in their own ways. Also, students usually get free gifts like T-shirts and food just for attending. Some games even bring students on the court or field to play games and win more prizes.

Regardless, if you go to a game and don’t get any prizes, which is rare, then you will still feel energy like never before. Sports is a different world with a unique atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. Here at Baylor, there are 17 different men and women sports you can choose from. To have that many teams fighting for Baylor to be No. 1 is huge for a university.

This is my last semester here at Baylor, and I have seen all 17 sports in action, but for those who this isn’t their last semester, you still have time to also see all the teams in action. I promise you won’t be disappointed.