Baylor women should attend Lady Bear Games

Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

By Maxine B. Hart | Contributor

As a female graduate of Baylor U
and a retired Hankamer professor, too,
I am happy that many students are female,
but sad that a large number of them fail.

And how do they fail, you may ask?
They certainly succeed at their major task.
Their GPA’s show they are smart and study hard.
Their successes are shown on their report card.

So let me spell it out — I want this to be clear.
I’m at the Lady Bears’ game, but the students aren’t here.
I’m happy that students show up for the men’s games,
and that they know all of the players’ names.

They hassle the referees and the opposing team.
Their support helps the Bears build up steam.
They wear the team’s colors of lime and black.
If the Bears have a cold spell, they help bring them back.

So, I don’t understand why the co-eds don’t appear
at the Lady Bears’ games year after year.
Come on, Baylor girls, you are missing a lot of fun,
especially now that the Lady Bears are the nation’s No. 1.

We old folks go to the games every year.
We know the players’ names, and loudly we cheer.
They win the Big 12 conference year in and year out.
This is a team that has plenty of clout!

We have All-Americans in Cox and Brown.
Juicy, DiDi and Chloe never let us down.
The bench is terrific when they enter the game.
Most are known for their high school All-American fame.

Nalyssa, Queen, Honesty and Moon
Trinity, Aquira and Caitlin are in tune.
With Mulkey’s excellent coaching and game plans/
They all want to please her and the Lady Bears’ fans.

So, please organize a group of your classmates and pals.
Get tickets in a section filled with green and gold gals.
The cheer squad and band are there, you will see.
But where are the you? It’s a mystery to me.

So, how about it? Will you come support the team
and help them to reach this year’s attainable dream
of winning the NCAA Championship crown?
I’m counting on you to not let them down.