YETI products aren’t just for hiking

By Kaitlyn DeHaven | Digital Managing Editor

“A Girl and Her YETI.” If my friends gave me a biography title, this would be it.

I got my first YETI thermos my freshman year of college, and I have never looked back. The durability, the way I can use the product for hot and cold drinks and the sleek look of the thermos all add up to what I need in a drink carrier.

I lead a very busy life with a tight schedule, and I’ve always had trouble finding a travel cup that meets all my daily needs.

First of all, it’s difficult to find a thermos that can be used for both coffee and water. Until I had my YETI, I had to juggle not only a plastic or glass coffee mug that was likely to break, but also a water bottle. This made my backpack heavy, required more cleaning and, since I had two travel cups, I often accidentally left one or the other behind.

With my YETI, I can easily finish my coffee in the morning, quickly wash out the mug and reuse it for water the rest of the day. This versatility has helped me greatly as I feel that I am no longer juggling multiple cups.

Secondly, before I had my YETI, I went through so many travel mugs. Many travel thermoses are either plastic or glass, and I’m sad to say I broke many of these products through my hectic lifestyle. One the things I tend to do when I’m stressed is to forget my coffee mug on the top of my car. The ceramic and plastic mugs I used to have were instantly smashed on the ground when I began driving. My YETI has now withstood many falls from the roof of my car, and it is still perfectly intact.

To me, this speaks volumes about the care the YETI company puts into their products. The YETI mug is not only a perfect hiking product, but it is so durable it can outlast a forgetful person such as myself.

In addition, my mug has no limits. If I want a hot drink, my YETI can keep it hot. If I want a cold drink, my YETI can keep it cold. This is extremely helpful in the Texas heat, where it is not uncommon for the temperature to go from 50 to 90 degrees during the day.

My YETI has become a necessity for my daily life. Leaving my house without my YETI equates to leaving my house without my phone – I feel lost without it.

The products might be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth spending the extra dough because of all the benefits they offer. Other companies such as Hydro Flask offer products that are the same price, but don’t come with all the same benefits, such as being able to easily use the same container for water and coffee.

So, to all you coffee, water or tea drinkers out there, which should be everyone, try YETI next time you’re looking for a durable, dependable drink carrier.