Don’t let stress define your day

By Caroline Waterhouse | Broadcast Reporter

The stress of senior year started to pile up; school work was starting to get harder and work felt like it was adding up. Then on top of that, I had other priorities, and everything that I was a part of seemed to take the No. 1 spot. I felt like I was doing so much, I wasn’t being productive in anything.

One week I knew I was going to be so busy, I had a major test, tons of assignments at work and then, on top of that, still had to do my other commitments for the week. I didn’t know how I would make it through, and it felt like day after day I was getting less sleep. Come Thursday, I felt so sleep deprived and exhausted that I felt as if I could pass out at any moment, so I was not looking forward to my day.

Thursday was going to be my busiest day: I had four interviews essentially back-to-back with class wedged in between. After my last interview, I would have my staff meeting that would lead to more work throughout the night.

The first part of my day was to go shoot an interview for work. I had to visit a young girl named Addie, who has sacrococcygeal teratoma and received a specialized chair to help support her because she cannot hold herself up. Upon walking into Addie’s home I was welcomed by her mom, nurse, two dogs and baby brother. Addie and her brother, Lawson, had the same smile, which lit up the entire room and made all my exhaustion and stress blur away.

The energy from Addie and her family surged through out the day and by my last work assignment, I went to a bowling event where a Baylor fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, donated a large check to its philanthropy that supports people with special needs. Again, the people I was able to meet that day gave me such hope and spirit, that it truly put my life in perspective.

So when you think about how stressed you are or annoyed when you might not be having the best day, don’t think about yourself; think about someone else. Place someone who has a genuine and kind heart in your mind, because it pulls you out of the funk and into a positive light. Bad days are okay to have, but share them with kind people.