I chose Baylor because of Homecoming

By Caroline Yablon | Reporter

Baylor Homecoming means so much more to me than a weekend full of fun Baylor traditions. It is an event that has created many joyous childhood memories for me and is one of the main reasons why I chose to attend Baylor.

My father, a Baylor alumnus of ’88, did his civic duty as a Baylor Bear by immersing his children in the Baylor culture at a young age. As a result, I fell in love with Baylor and its rich traditions –– homecoming being my all-time favorite.

Homecoming for the most part falls around my birthday, so I spent many birthdays at Baylor, and I would not change it for the world. In fact, I loved it so much, I would tell my dad I would be OK with it being my birthday present.

Of course, I am not a Baylor alumna yet, so why does homecoming mean so much to me and ultimately drew me to attend Baylor?

Homecoming showed me how much Baylor values its traditions since 1909 as well as its former and current students. As people, we like to feel valued –– it’s human nature. So, the way Baylor holds true to its history and alumni was attractive to me.

Every homecoming weekend, my dad would force me to go with him to all of the alumni events. That always sounded kind of tortuous, especially when there was always much excitement going on at the Bill Daniel Student Center or Fountain Mall. But looking back as a student, I value those events now because I didn’t realize how special it was for alumni to catch up with former professors and college friends back when I was a kid who only valued jumping castles and candy.

My dad majored in journalism at Baylor, and I remember going to Castellaw Communications Center with him to attend an alumni breakfast. As I recall, I begged my dad to leave because I thought the building was so boring and wanted to do “fun stuff” rather than listen to him talk to old professors and college friends. Little did I know I would one day be a student majoring in journalism, taking majority of my classes in that building I was not very fond of. Looking back now as a student that spends a lot of time in Castellaw Communications Center, I see so much value through the walls of the building because it facilitates students learning the value of journalism, free speech and so much more.

Some other memories that I cherish are going to the bonfires, waking up five minutes before the parade ended to catch the last float (the Yablon’s are not morning people), going to the IHOP and eating a “funny face” pancake with my dad after the game celebrating my eighth birthday, discovering Blue Bell cake batter ice cream at Penland that forever changed my life and spending way too much of my dad’s money at the Baylor Bookstore because I thought I needed 20 T-shirts that said “Baylor.”

I can’t wait for the moment when I can take my own kids to Baylor Homecoming and introduce them to their second home.