Why we need a Cheesecake Factory in Waco

By Maddie Gee | Reporter

There are moments in everyone’s childhood that are highlights. For me, one of those highlights was going to Cheesecake Factory with my family. Even though it is freezing cold due to the blasting AC (no matter the location), it was and still is amazing to me. There are numerous reasons as to why Cheesecake Factory is my favorite place to go to while I’m home. The fact that there isn’t one in Waco is astounding to me.

Waco is a growing college town with Magnolia and Baylor bringing in more and more people every day. While we do have numerous restaurant chains to choose from, who doesn’t love Cheesecake Factory? Having a Waco location would bring in tons of business. I love BJ’s so much, truly, but nearly every birthday dinner I have been to at Baylor has been there. I know many of y’all are probably thinking the same thing. I want a restaurant change.

Let’s talk about the main reason why I want a Cheesecake Factory in Waco — the bread. Have y’all ever wanted to know what it was like to taste the bread that God sent down for the Israelites for their 40 years in the desert? Something that is blessed and touched by God? That is the brown bread from Cheesecake Factory. For those that actually eat the white bread, I am calling the cops. The brown bread is incredible, and I will not hear anything differently.

The entree food from Cheesecake Factory is equally delicious. Coming from someone who has eaten there an obscene amount of times, the orange chicken is my all-time favorite. You truly cannot go wrong. They also have pretty good breakfast items when it comes to items like omelettes and chicken and waffles, but why would I get chicken and waffles there when I could go to Fuego in Waco? I have tried way too many food items to count. But we all know what we look forward to when we open those enormous doors of Cheesecake Factory — the cheesecake.

Let me first start off by saying — I do not like cheesecake. I know. Get some holy water. Cover your children’s eyes. It’s the sad but the honest truth. However, there is something about the Oreo cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory that genuinely changes me. My edges are snatched, my GPA increases to a 5.0, my skin clears up. Everything is right with the world. You can never go wrong with Oreos. But Oreos, an Oreo and vanilla filling, layers on layers of chocolate and then with ice cream? Are you kidding? It is a no-brainer. If you have not tried it yet, I am praying for you, and you need to try it as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Waco needs a Cheesecake Factory. It is not a want anymore — it is a need. There are numerous benefits to this besides me being able to blow my entire weekly budget on brown bread. I will end with this — I never thought Waco would get a PF Chang’s. We now have one. The impossible is now fully possible. Let them eat cheesecake.