Lariat coverage of Kavanaugh hearing lacked balance

Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

By Bill Malec | Guest Contributor

I was recently on campus for Baylor’s annual Family Weekend and picked up a copy of your newspaper’s Sept. 28 edition to peruse.

The timely article on the Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearing by staff writer Caroline Yablon that graced your front page caught my eye. The opinions by lecturer Maxey Parish, intended to enhance and localize the coverage, were pretty bombastic. Characterizing the event as “the most important news event in their [students’] life with the exception of 9/11” was over the top. Calling it a “news event” shows that Parish misses the real significance of the event in terms of our democracy.

The writer’s description of the main characters, Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, caused some head scratching. The latter was described as exhibiting “grace and poise” even though the caption under Ford’s photo said she “shared her tearful side.” Meanwhile no humanizing words were included to portray Kavanaugh. No photo of him choking up as he made his opening statement was shown.

Journalists should focus on reporting the news, not shaping it. The absence of balanced reporting speaks volumes.

Bill Malec
O’Fallon, Ill.