Newly-charted Cure club aims to build hospitals for children with disabilities

By Emma Whitaker | Broadcast Reporter

Cairo, Egypt junior Dareen Habashy was scrolling through Instagram one day, when she discovered an organization that would change her life.

Habashy said she saw an advertisement for Cure International, which is a nonprofit that builds hospitals for people all over the world that helps heal children with disabilities.

Habashy said she saw Cure even had a hospital in her home Egypt. During her freshman year, Habashy applied for Cure to come to Baylor’s campus, and it was successfully chartered her sophomore year.

“I think when you don’t find your place on campus, you just have to create it,” Habashy said.

Now, the club is home to a diverse group of students, where Habashy said students can come to combine their talents with a heart for the nations.

“Here, we’re all about Jesus, and we’re not afraid to show it,” Dareen said.

Wichita, Kan., junior Caleb Hartig, Cure’s treasurer, said the club is already brainstorming creative ways to raise money for the children who are being treated in the organization’s hospitals.

Robinson senior Mykenna Nichols, vice president of Cure, said she encourages people to come find community within the Cure club.