Keep an open mind during college

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

College is full of transitions and growing periods. So, how can a 19-year-old like myself know what they like, don’t like or even who they are.

Every day it seems like my opinions on things change and evolve. As I sit through class and hear professors and students share their ideas, I’m introduced to a new theory to everything. Being so young, my experiences and beliefs have been quite limited.

Having only been on Earth for 19 years with more than half those year primarily influenced by other people’s values, my own mindsets and opinions are still in a developmental phase.

College is a melting pot of beliefs and ideas. While at college, a wealth of knowledge is thrown at you, and being open to new ideas and theories is one of the most beneficial things you can do to learn and grow. Asking questions and learning as much you can about a subject will allow you to be more educated and help you created a more articulate opinion.

I am not saying that college students can’t have opinions. However, I am saying it’s important for us to be open to hearing other opinions and listening to what others have to say. Blocking out ideas just because you think you already know the one true response will create a divide between those who are willing to grow intellectually and people who stay content with only their own input. As a young adult, everything is evolving. The way we generate ideas is a process, and that process is still in development as we continue to learn and discover.

College years are so fundamental for developing personally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to stay as neutral as possible on major topics because I need to learn and soak up as much information as possible before I tie myself down to one side.

I have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. As I learn from those mistakes, my ideas and perceptions change. I am too young to make concrete decisions and opinions with the knowledge I currently obtain.

I want to grow as much as possible, because what I think is moral and right at 19 will most likely be drastically different than what I will think when I’m 25. As of now, my world is pretty mundane; I wake up, go to school, go to work, come home, make dinner and then do it all over again. As I mature and flourish, I will travel and experience new cultures, get married and have children. When new adventures arise, my eyes will be opened to unique concepts and viewpoints.

Having one year of college under my belt, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge, but I still have a long journey ahead. I never thought college could positively change someone so much. Life is so different in Waco than it is back home in San Diego, but I wouldn’t change any of my experiences or decisions to come here. I am so thankful I took a leap of faith and made the move to come to Baylor. The things I have learned in the past year have been so beneficial toward my growth as a young adult. I look forward to evolving and changing for the better in the next three years before I graduate.

Julia is a sophomore communication specialist major from San Diego.