Baylor has surpassed ‘bubble’ status

Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

By Aviv Tome | Guest Contributor

When I first set foot on the Baylor campus as a freshman, I couldn’t help but hear the infamous ‘Baylor Bubble’ slang term. I believe it has become an antiquated way to describe the Baylor community’s connection with its surroundings.

However, it seems Baylor students have embedded and weaved their roots into the Waco community where their Christian light has been radiating through, despite the claims of being isolated. Baylor students have shown immaculate love and devotion toward their community; enough to reconsider the word ‘bubble.’ With such a vibrant and passionate student body, I believe the term falls short to describe the fact that Baylor doesn’t hide in it’s green and gold glory. Instead, it engulfs its surroundings by popping the bubble and welcoming anyone who steps onto campus with warm arms. It is an outcry for new Baylor generations to break the socio-economical barriers surrounding the school and become self-aware of the implications that come with this responsibility.

The connection between the Baylor and Waco community is a symbiotic relationship that depends on the foundation and belief of helping thy neighbor. Foremost, I believe the Baylor community has outgrown and surpassed this elitist slang term and has managed to falsify it with a student body ready to break barriers.

Aviv Tome is a sophomore communications major from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.