Keep Title IX issues at forefront

By Alexandra Bebout | Guest Contributor

The 2012 gang rape case may be settled, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to do the same. Last Monday evening, Baylor University held a mandatory “It’s On Us” assembly to educate incoming freshman on the issue of sexual assault; three days later a female student was assaulted on campus. I’m horrified, but not surprised. It’s true the university has held these mandatory assemblies for four years and quickly alerted the student body of Thursday’s assault, but as a female freshman sitting in the Ferrell Center as the main speaker jovially compared sexual assault to eating the neighbor’s cake, I was not impressed.

I’m not criticizing the Title IX Office’s attempt to educate students, but I am saying they can do better than what we heard on Monday. A new school year is just beginning, so why not make a resolution to course correct Baylor’s legacy during the coming months? The Baylor Lariat staff boldly chose to cover its own university’s lawsuit front and center it in the first issue of the semester. Baylor students can follow this example by keeping the topic of sexual assault front and center in our conversations, minds and hearts. This is a Christian university after all.

Alexandra is a junior journalism major from Los Angeles.