Lariat Letter: Class of 2021 incumbent president runs as write-in candidate

By Alex Hale | Contributor

Dear Baylor Class of 2021:

I first want to apologize for the confusion. Yes, I am your current Baylor freshman class president. Yes, I am running for re-election.

No, I am not on the ballot.

I accidentally committed a campaign violation –– I forgot to turn in my expense report on time, to be totally transparent –– and I have been removed from the ballot. However, it would be my greatest desire to serve God and all of you as your sophomore class president a second time, building upon the legacy and journey we began together this past school year. But the only way to do to this is for me to win as a “write-in” candidate.

In an election, a write-in candidate is a person who is not on the ballot but who people still want to vote for. Systems that allow for write-in candidates allow for people to speak in the freest way they can — by voting for who they exactly want—by writing or typing in the name of the candidate they want to elect.

Writing-in is a legitimate way not only to win an election, but to make a point. Your vote is not only unrestricted and free— but it matters. Your vote has a voice; it doesn’t matter if your candidate is on the ballot or not. To vote, simply write your candidate’s name into the text box, on the ballot.

Please give me a voice to do what I’ve done this past year. Give me the opportunity to continue #BuildingBaylorBetter for you, and with you. So, #HelpWithHale, and let’s be the first write-in campaign to ever win a Baylor student government election.

The opportunity is there. Let’s take it and run with it.

Vote your way, for your candidate. #HelpWithHale.


Alex (P.S. Write me in as “Alex Hale”)