Baseball season will steal your heart

By Jessica Hubble | Multimedia Editor

It’s spring time, so that means one thing: baseball season is back!

Baseball is by far the best sport there is. It’s America’s past time and the only way I want to spend a spring or summer afternoon. The atmosphere of a ballpark is electric and almost addicting, making you want to come back for more. There are always fans from all walks of life, and they’re always the nicest. Opening Day might as well be a national holiday for baseball fans. Fans take time off work and miss school for Opening Day. They try to be there when the parking lots open to start tailgating and stay until late after the game ends to reminisce with friends.

Besides having an amazing atmosphere, baseball is fun to watch and can leave you at the edge of your seat. Baseball is the only sport where the winning team is required to keep playing until the end. There’s no dribbling the clock out and there’s no taking a knee –– in baseball, you have to play until the last out. Which means that the game can change at any minute, either leaving you heartbroken or elated.

The All-Star Game in baseball actually matters unlike many other sports. The All-Star Game decides who has home field advantage in the World Series.

Baseball has a 162 game season that spans from March to October (if your team makes it to the playoffs). Baseball is on almost every day; meaning fans always have the opportunity to watch and enjoy their favorite sport.

Perfection is possible in baseball. A pitcher can throw a perfect game, there can be zero errors, and there are shut outs. For the perfectionist, baseball is incredibly intriguing. Baseball also has a multitude of stats that any die hard fanatic can find or keep track of, but if a fan isn’t that in to stats, there are so many other facets of the game to become enthralled in.

Baseball fans are also some of the most loyal fans you’ll find. I personally am a Rangers fan. We’ve never won a World Series (although we came pretty close in 2010 and 2011, and yes my heart still aches), but Rangers fans still flock to the stadium and cheer louder than the other team. Arlington, the home of the Rangers, turns red and blue when baseball season rolls around, and people wearing any other baseball team’s jersey better be ready for some odd looks.

Baseball season is my favorite season, and there is nowhere else I’d rather spend hot Texas nights than at the ball field under stadium lights.