McDonald’s has the best fries in the game

By Max Calderone | Sports Writer

When you need a late-night snack and are in the mood to treat yourself, french fries are the way to go. But where you choose to pick up this salty snack is a tough decision.

Whether you are trying to compliment a milkshake or select the best side for a meal, one option stands above the rest: McDonald’s has the best french fries in the game.

Here are my power rankings of the top french fries available at fast food restaurants within close proximity to Baylor’s campus:

1. McDonald’s

If I had to describe McDonald’s french fries in one word, I would choose consistent. I have never been given a bad batch of fries at McDonald’s, and when this fast-food hotspot is on top of its game, McDonald’s fries can’t be beat.

The light and fluffy, golden-brown snack pleases my taste buds every time I order it off the menu. McDonald’s fries are the perfect addition to a small value meal that meets the budget of a college student. What McDonald’s lacks in certain qualities is made up for by their A-plus french fries.

2. Whataburger

Whataburger’s fries are very similar to McDonald’s, except they are wildly inconsistent. The seasoning on Whataburger’s fries is tasty, but rarely are the fries cooked all the way through. What gives Whataburger a boost in my rankings is the fact that they offer the best condiment in all of fast-food: spicy ketchup.

Spicy ketchup changed my life. It is the essential equalizer in the french fry game. I don’t consider myself to be a frequent dipper when it comes to my fries and ketchup, but whenever I choose to swing through Whataburger, the spicy ketchup is a must-have addition to my side of fries.

3. Raising Cane’s

The crinkle-cut style is a unique but welcome trait in this bronze medal winner’s french fries. Best eaten inside the restaurant, Cane’s fries come out hot and fresh, but if saved in the styrofoam box for a drive back home, they may become soggy.

The main reason for a third-place finish here is the fact that if you are only looking to order a side of french fries, Cane’s isn’t the spot to go. It’s simple: Nobody just orders fries from Cane’s. If you are craving chicken tenders, that’s a different story, but Cane’s fries still land in the second tier of my power rankings.

4. Chick-Fil-A

Once again, opting for a breakaway from the traditional style, Chick-Fil-A serves customers waffle fries, which is a refreshing stray from the conventional french fry. My only qualm with Chick-Fil-A’s side dish is the quantity of fries included with a combo deal.

I often feel shortened by the amount of fries I am given with my meal from the friendliest fast-food restaurant in customer service. Though it’s better for my health, it doesn’t satisfy my cravings. Sorry, Chick-Fil-A.

5. In-N-Out

The debate over who has the better burger is irrelevant in this discussion, as In-N-Out’s french fries pale in comparison to Whataburger and others. While I appreciate the “animal style” offering, I’m not a huge fan of melted cheese on my french fries.

The ratio of good fries to bad fries in a batch from the West Coast’s hamburger staple is not up to par. The crumbs at the bottom of the bag lack in content and quality. Not to be mistaken, In-N-Out still finds itself in the top-five, but still left looking up at the cream of the crop.

The next time you find yourself needing a salty snack, go for the french fries and treat yourself to a late-night guilty pleasure. If it were up to me, McDonald’s is the spot to choose.