Student’s catchy jingle goes viral

By Meredith Aldis | Broadcast Reporter

A Baylor student’s Instagram post has gone viral after she posted a video of a Baylor professor wearing a suit with tennis shoes. She added a jingle to it and what happened next was something she didn’t expect.

“A bunch of people responded and they were like ‘This is such a jam’ and I was like, ‘okay,’” said McKinney junior Carli Rude.

The story kept going and started building with instruments and more and more people. She combined all of the submissions into a full video and posted it on her Facebook. That video now has over 65,000 views and the submissions keep flooding in.

“It could be one of those things that people forget about in a week, or it could just keep going. I don’t know,” Rude said.

Rude said she has received over 50 submissions, some from people she has never even met, like Edmond, Okla., senior Riley Choquette who made an entire song from the jingle.

“I just pictured kind of who would be wearing tennis shoes and slacks,” Choquette said. “And this guy that has a crazy day and is going to his lifetime fitness and has something important later like a job fair, and he remembered to bring a change of clothes, but he forgot the shoes.”

Choquette and Rude have mixed feelings about wanting to record and produce a song with the jingle in it.

“I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it. I think Carli should be the one singing it though,” Choquette said.

“If it happens, it happens. If not, I don’t care,” Rude said. “It’s just funny this is happening because anyone who follows me knows I do stupid stuff like this all the time.”

Baylor admissions got a hold of the video, posted it on their Instagram and even made their own rendition.

“Sharing this quirky, fun thing from a student and not only does Baylor approve of it and like it, but they embrace it and take it on on their own,” said Taylor Torregrossa, Baylor University social media specialist. ” … I think that shows not only how fun the students are, but how fun the university is.”