Four must-see Oscar nominations before the 90th Academy Awards

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By JP Graham | Reporter

The 90th Academy Awards is less than two weeks away, and predictions of the winners are swirling through the media. The most prestigious of the 24 categories is Best Picture, for which nine nominees are anxiously awaiting results. It might be hard to see each of the nine nominated movies before the ceremony on March 4, but it is certainly possible if you get a head start. After all, it is important for any Oscars viewer to be familiar with the nominees. Many of the films nominated for Best Picture have additionally been nominated for other awards, making the motion pictures a must-see before awards season kicks off.

Before any films are considered eligible for Oscar nominations, the motion pictures must meet specific requirements and standards already in place. According to the 90th Oscar Rules, which is featured on their website at, there are four major components that films need to include to be considered for a nomination.

First and foremost, the movie must be longer than 40 minutes. With three categories dedicated specifically to short films, this criteria helps level the playing field.

Next, an Official Screen Credits form (OSC) must be submitted to the Academy and signed by the director of the movie. An OSC form certifies that the list of screen credits correctly identifies those who helped produce the movie, and the director’s signature verifies that the credits are accurate.

The final two rules apply to the release and distribution of the motion picture. The movie must have been displayed in a Los Angeles County movie theater for at least seven days, featuring at least three showings per day. Finally, the movie must debut in movie premiere form, meaning the movie cannot release online, on television or on DVD before it hits theaters.

Once a movie meets these criteria, it is compiled with other eligible movies onto a 34-page ballot that is sent out to approximately 6,000 voting members. Voters are encouraged to choose up to five nominees per category and rank them in order of preference. No more than 10 and no fewer than five candidates are chosen for each category.

Familiarizing oneself with the nominated motion pictures helps viewers form educated opinions and predictions of the outcomes. Below are movies nominated for Best Picture to watch before the big day on March 4.


Get Out

In Jordan Peele’s film “Get Out,” Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington, an African-American photographer nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s parents who have yet to find out that he is black. Once in the family’s company, bizarre events occur that worry Washington; that is, until Washington is exposed to the family’s disturbing lifestyle.

Kaluuya is a nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Additionally, Peele has been nominated for Directing and Original Screenplay.

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Darkest Hour

Though he was not the popular choice at the time, Winston Churchill, played by Garry Oldman, takes over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom toward the beginning of World War II. He is faced with the decision of either negotiating peace with Hitler or continuing to fight against the Nazi regime.

Oldman is a nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role. In addition to being nominated for Best Picture, the film has also been nominated for Cinematography, Costume Design, Makeup and Hairstyling and Production Design.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Frustrated with law enforcement for failing to solve the case of her raped and murdered daughter, Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand, takes matters into her own hands and commissions three billboards outside of Ebbing, Mo. calling out the sheriff for his lack of effort.

McDormand, who has been nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role, is accompanied by nominees for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell.

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The Post

In Steven Spielberg’s film “The Post,” Meryl Streep plays Kay Graham, owner of the Washington Post in 1971 and the first female publisher of a major newspaper. Based on a true story, Graham must decide whether or not to publish a set of articles relating to the Pentagon Papers, a collection of leaked documents in the ‘70s initially released by the New York Times that gave the public an inside look at the government’s handling of the war in Vietnam.

Streep is a 21-time Oscar nominee and three-time winner. Spielberg is receiving his 17th Oscar nomination.

The Academy Awards will take place in Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and will be hosted by returning-host Jimmy Kimmel. Red Carpet coverage starts at 5:30 p.m. CT, while the award show begins at 7 p.m. CT on ABC.