Sing chairs provide behind-the-scenes look at tradition

By Meredith Aldis | Broadcast Reporter

All-University Sing has begun and that means a closer look at what goes into producing the annual event.

After a while of online searching and shopping, the women of Alpha Chi Omega said they found the perfect costume for the aliens including a leotard, skirt and wig.

“The costumes are fun, the music’s fun. It’s just really awesome and something kind of different than what we’ve done in the past,” said Alpha Chi Omega sing chair, Nicole McDaniel.

There is also a special meaning behind the astronauts’ red lipstick.

“We were just like, we want y’all to look really cool, but also kind of like empowering women and they wear red lipstick,” McDaniel said.

But makeup is not just reserved for women. Men wear makeup too.

“Just spent about two hours in my bathroom, just putting different stuff, different makeup stuff on my face, just trying to come up with something,” said Kappa Omega Tau sing chair, Connor Reese.

Sing makeup and hair isn’t your everyday look. The process is very unique and time-consuming.

“We wanted to do purple lipstick, but not blue because blue can kind of look weird on some people, so purple is pretty complimentary but still fun,” McDaniel said. “We wanted the eye shadow to match, so everyone is wearing purple eye shadow. And then we wanted glitter this year, so we’re finally doing glitter and I’m really excited.”

The men of Kappa Omega Tau are even singing a song by someone you may not expect.

“Um, the Beyoncé song was a last minute submission,” Reese said.

Reese said “Sweet Dreams” by Beyoncé just happened to fit the dramatic tone that the men were going for during their act.

“I was playing it and we were sitting in a meeting and everyone’s face just like lit up and we were like, ‘Holy, this is going to be awesome, this will be so cool,’” Reese said.

Even though it’s called Sing, Connor said you don’t have to be able to sing to be a part of the performance.

“You just got to do your best. You have to shout it,” Reese said.

All-University Sing will be performed this Saturday and next Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.