Title IX representatives offer services on main campus

Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

This was written in response to, “Title IX office lacks accessibility,” published Feb. 2.

Baylor University’s Title IX Office strives to provide the necessary support for those who have experienced sexual assault through access to resources and an equitable, fair Title IX process.

Over the past two years, our Title IX Office has evolved significantly, growing in the number of staff, enlarging its office space and increasing education and prevention programs on campus. These changes reflect the valuable input from Baylor students, best practices learned from other institutions of higher education and guidance from the extensive 105 recommendations.

To ensure that our Title IX Office is accessible to students, staff members regularly meet with students at various hours and at any location on campus that is comfortable. Additionally, Title IX staff members are available to pick up students who desire to meet at the Clifton Robinson Tower but do not have transportation.

While advocating for an on-campus location for the Title IX Office is well-intentioned, it could, in fact, negatively affect those who seek help as others on campus could see who is frequenting the office, possibly leading to fewer students reporting incidents of sexual assault, harassment and interpersonal violence as a result.

Protecting the privacy of those who visit the Title IX Office is of the utmost importance for the university. Our Title IX Office remains firmly committed to offering all students support and resources in an environment that does not compromise their privacy. If a student needs assistance from the Title IX Office, please call 710-8454 or email TitleIX_Coordinator@baylor.edu. The Title IX Office staff are available, accessible and able to help.

The Title IX Office consists of seven full-time staff members, including a coordinator, deputy coordinator, case manager, training and prevention specialist, administrative manager and two investigators.

– Tonya B. Hudson, Director of Media Communications