Art gallery seeks to develop local artists

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Today, a local art gallery called Cultivate 7Twelve will have their grand opening, featuring a botanical garden exhibition.

Cultivate 7Twelve is devoted to showcasing and developing Waco artists. Unlike other art galleries, this gallery provides space for the artist to produce their own work.

Managing partner Josh Overtown said it is their mission to help local artists sell, produce and promote their work.

“We’re not here to push artists in certain directions or to make them commercialize or anything like that, but for those that just need that last five yards,” Overtown said.

Boerne freshman, Holly Higgins said she has been passionate about art since she was a little girl and learned from her mother.

“My mom always told me to follow the things I am passionate about and that was art and following in mother’s footsteps,” Higgins said.

Higgins is into calligraphy and has been developing cards since high school. She said she is devoted to making cards because it is a way for her to ring joy into other peoples’ lives.

Cultivate 7Twelve allowed Higgins to host her first launch party. At the party, she was able to showcase her holiday card collection.

“I love Cultivate 7Twelve,” Higgins said. “They have been so helpful and so encouraging throughout the whole process. It’s definitely a little bit stressful being a freshman and still figuring out finals and classes and different things like that and also managing a growing business at the same time. You definitely stay up, but it’s very rewarding to realize that something you’ve been passionate about your whole life can actually lead to a purpose.”