Celebrating Christmas early isn’t a bad thing

By Brooke Hill | Staff Writer

When I went to Walmart to look for on-sale Halloween candy on Oct. 31, all that I could find was Christmas candy. I couldn’t have been more excited.

Christmas decorations are already up in the Baylor Science Building (BSB). The Christmas cups are out at Starbucks. Countless homes have put up Christmas trees and lights. Everyone seems to be in a holly, jolly mood before the month of December arrives.

Some people hate those that celebrate Christmas as soon as Halloween ends, seemingly skipping over Thanksgiving.

It’s not that Thanksgiving is not important or un-appreciated. It’s simply that Christmas is too great of a holiday to only be celebrated for a single month.

No other holiday has entire albums and countless movies dedicated to it. Can anyone honestly watch all of the Christmas classics and their Christmas favorites in one month? Especially while we’re in college, we’re all extremely busy and find deadlines sneaking up on us and stealing away our free time. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the extra time so you can actually watch all the movies you look forward to watching all year long.

Plus, it’s not like everyone gets a whole month off of school for Thanksgiving. With finals right around the corner, is it even possible to fully appreciate the holidays with worry still in the back of your mind?

Here at Baylor, almost as soon as we get back from Thanksgiving, it’s finals season. If you wait to put up decorations until after Thanksgiving, there’s barely any time to enjoy them (if you’re going home for Christmas). How are we supposed to be merry and celebrate with our friends when we’re trying to save our grades and stay sane?

Stores sell multitudes of Christmas decorations: stockings, trees, lights, wreaths, presents, cookies and lots more. There are very few Thanksgiving-specific decorations sold. Sure, there’s the typical fall stuff, but that’s been around since the beginning of September. It’s gotten boring already. Don’t stop yourself from looking the other way just because you haven’t eaten your turkey yet.

We’ve all seen the elaborate, fancy lights that some houses put up every single year. With all of the time and effort that it takes to turn neighborhoods into Winter Wonderlands, residents want to make sure that their masterpieces are out long enough to be appreciated.

“It’s so time-consuming to get it all out and decorated, that I want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible,” a resident of Madison, Ala. told the Alabama Media Group. “If anything, it just makes me happier to have all the glitter and lights out, which I think makes Thanksgiving that much better.”

Christmas is the most magical holiday of all. It’s the one time of year where everything is about giving and family and warmth and coziness and happiness. Why not celebrate it for as long as we can?

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